Heavy Weight

To allow our customers save money on freight per Ton and ship more cargo utilizing same standard ocean containers, we can implemented Heavy Weight program to make your business more profitable. Don't be limited to standard weight limited that most carriers offer. We have a knowledge how to legally maximize your payload and save total freight cost per Ton.


Please see below standard weight limits Vs. overweight solutions.  

Standard weight limits in The United States 
                                          Suggested Weight          Maximum Weight           
        20' dry container    39,500 lbs. (17.92MT)      Maximum varies by state               
        40' dry container    44,500 lbs. (20.19MT)      Maximum varies by state*               
        45' dry container    42,000 lbs. (19.05MT)      Maximum varies by state                                                   

        20' reefer cntr        36,500 lbs. (16.56MT)       Maximum varies by state               
        40' reefer cntr        41,500 lbs. (18.82MT)        Maximum varies by state               

*Montreal gateway to/from USA maximum = 42,000 lbs (or 19.05MT)


Standard weigh limits in Canada


                                        Suggested Weight            Maximum Weight                  Spring Thaw
        20' dry container    40,000 lbs. (18.14MT)        46,000 lbs. (20.87MT)              42,000
        40' dry container    44,500 lbs. (20.19MT)        55,000 lbs. (24.95MT)              52,000
        45' dry container    43,000 lbs. (19.50MT)        53,500 lbs. (24.20MT)              50,500
        20' reefer cntr        37,000lbs. (16.89MT)          43,000 lbs. (19.50MT)              39,000
        40' reefer cntr        41,500 lbs. (18.82MT)         52,000 lbs. (23.59MT)              48,000 

Overweight solutions (state by state)
Please feel free to contact us for your container dryage rate request.