Haz-Mat Materials

GCT Logistics has expertise and required certifications to handle dangerous cargo classified as a Haz-Mat or DG. 

Please see below list of Haz classes that we can handle for your shipments:

Class 1 –   Explosives

Class 2 –  Gases

Class 3 –  Flammable Liquids (and Combustible Liquids)

Class 4 –  Flammable Solids; Spontaneously Combustible Materials;Dangerous when Wet Materials

Class 5 — Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides

Class 6 — Toxic Materials and Infectious Substances

Class 8 — Corrosive Materials

Class 9 — Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Materials that present a hazard during transport but do not meet other hazard class definitions. Examples are dry ice and lithium batteries.

For more details regarding our Haz-Mat solutions, please contact us!